Marie-Claude Marquis | C'est ça qui est ça (MONTREAL)

Station 16
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C’est ça qui est ça highlights some of the work MC Marquis is best known for and introduced new exciting pieces by this emerging artist. Mixed into an installation inspired by decadent Dutch still life paintings were a variety of her witty hand-painted vintage plates and deliciously kitschy embroidered tapestries making references to explicit swear words, Québécois slang, and hilariously on-point pop references. All of this in beautiful calligraphic detail no less!

In case you missed Marie-Claude Marquis' exhibition C’est ça qui est ça, which was on display at the gallery in December, here are some shots from the opening night!

Artist: Marie-Claude Marquis
December 5th - January 5th 2017
Vernissage: December 8th 6:00 PM - 9:00 PM

MC Marquis’ artwork embodies a unique blend of nostalgia and pop culture. Her canvas very often takes the form of ultra-kitschy vintage plates upon which she hand paints intricate typography. She has mastered the art of re-appropriation in giving found objects new meaning, always with a refreshing sense of humour and an eye for design. Marie-Claude Marquis studied at the Université du Québec à Montréal with a degree in graphic design as well as visual arts.

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