A Full Month of Antoine Tava

Val Smith
Artist News

Midnight Drip Collection by Antoine Tava

This year, Station 16 is excited to kickstart spring with the reanimating artistry of Antoine Tava.

Starting on April 5th and running throughout the rest of the month, Midnight Drip by Antoine Tava is a collection of 39 prints, released in weekly increments of 10; each print an edition of 25. But don't let the winter mindset slow you down, it's time to put some pep in your step and adopt the springtime spirit because each drop will ONLY BE AVAILABLE FOR ONE WEEK! 

Starting every Monday at 10AM EST, each drop will go live and the countdown begins, closing on Sunday at... you guessed it, Midnight EST!

*Please note that product will ship in close to 2 weeks from purchase date

midnight drip print drop week 1

Antoine Tava shares the idea behind the Midnight Drips collection is that there are always two sides to every story told. Through this collection, Antoine Tava reveals a part of his alter ego. On one side, you have the glowing moon that represents a deep sense of vulnerability. The moon is a warm-natured and loving symbol, something people relate to and puts them at ease. On the other hand, the lunar eclipse represents our hidden truths waiting to be uncovered and reveal themselves to the light of day.


Have questions about the upcoming Midnight Drip Collection? Emails us at info@station16.ca

Happy springtide! :)