S16 Gallery - Now Open

Station 16

We are happy to officially introduce S16 Gallery, an entirely new gallery situated in the Old Port of Montreal! The new gallery will be focusing on offering original works by locally and internationally renown artists such as Oliver Bernardi, Mando Marie, Stikki Peaches, PichiAvo, Jeremy Brown, Kevin Ledo, Add Fuel, Lyle Owerko, Whatisadam, Elisabeth Heidinga, Miles Jaffe, Matt Dinsmore, Sandra Chevrier, and more.

Our current location, on St-Laurent Boulevard, has been transformed into Station 16 Editions, a place of reference for anyone looking to enjoy beautiful fun art and learn more about it! Station 16 Editions will be offering more collectible items and prints of all sorts, highlighting emerging artists and unique projects.

Both places will always embody our original mission, which is to democratize art and challenge the traditional white cube gallery space we often associate with it, but we do feel like opening the S16 Gallery is the next step for us as we really aim to accompany our customers through their personal artistic journey and reach more art lovers!

We hope you are as excited as we are! More to come! Stay tuned! 


Discover S16 Gallery.

377 St-Paul Street West

Montreal, QC

H2Y 2A7