Station 16 Gallery X Montréal Canadiens: Game 2 - Eric Clement

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Eric Clement
“Eastern Conference OG’S”

This limited-edition silkscreen print by Eric Clement was created to celebrate the Montréal Canadiens’ 110th anniversary and commemorates the October 26, 2019, game against the Toronto Maple Leafs.

  • 20” x 26” 
  • Edition of 110
  • Signed and numbered by artist
  • Comes with a certificate of authenticity
  • Hand-pulled silkscreen print on archival paper
  • Unframed
  • Édition Samedi Limité

A die-hard fan of the Montréal Canadiens, Eric Clement kept treasuring his love for the team after moving to Toronto to pursue his career. He was therefore the perfect artist to commemorate the October 26th battle against the Maple Leafs. 

"Eastern Conference OG’S" reflects this historical rivalry by evoking another era through the style of retro comics. Fascinated by the world of hip-hop, comics and collectibles, the artist has taken advantage of digital collage to create an exhilarating visual story and deliver an artwork as lively as it is action-packed.

Signed and numbered by the artist, the second artwork resulting from this collaboration honors the symbolic charge of icons and the narrative power of superposition.

Eric Clement is a Montréal-born, and now Toronto-based, artist with a passion for pop culture, collectibles and nostalgia. Clement is best known for his meticulous brushwork, combining subtle social commentary with satire and humor.

His work has been featured in several exhibits over the past 5 years, as well as on t-shirts, prints and album covers. Clement’s work juxtaposes illustration, logos, comic book imagery as well as other elements of visual culture. These disparate elements are recontextualized and combined in Eric’s paintings to create new narratives.

Within these narratives is a “tongue-in-cheek response to bleak sociopolitical issues,” as Eric puts it, which are so prevalent today. Eric works primarily with acrylic on wood but also dabbles in molding and casting as inspiration for his own work. His work ranges from murals to miniatures on wood panels.