Savage Carnival: Solo Show by Dalkhafine

Savage Carnival is a colourful carnival, in which dancing animals, flowers and flags are mingling. A joyful bestiary as a celebration of joy and movement, through a collection of original paintings, silkscreens and mixed-media drawings.
current news | 10/11/2020

S16 Gallery - Now Open

We are happy to officially introduce S16 Gallery, an entirely new gallery situated in the Old Port of Montreal! The new gallery will be focusing on offering original works by locally and internationally renown artists such as Oliver Bernardi, Mando Marie, Stikki Peaches, PichiAvo, Jeremy Brown, Kevin Ledo, Add Fuel, Lyle Owerko, Whatisadam, Elisabeth Heidinga, Miles Jaffe, Matt Dinsmore, Sandra Chevrier, and more. 
news | 29/06/2020

Interview with Kathy Ager

In these difficult times, we have decided to ask our artists how they have been personally affected by the pandemic. 

Here's what Kathy Ager, our newest addition to the Station 16 family, had to say about it.

news | 27/04/2020

Interview with Artist XRAY

In these difficult times, we have decided to ask our artists how they have been personally affected by the pandemic. 

Here's what XRAY had to say about it.

news | 22/04/2020


This year again, we will be part of the CONTEXT Art Miami festival happening from December 3rd to December 8th 2019 booth A3
current news | 26/11/2019

Station 16 Gallery X Montréal Canadiens: Game 2 - Eric Clement

This limited-edition silkscreen print by Eric Clement was created to celebrate the Montréal Canadiens’ 110th anniversary and commemorates the October 26, 2019, game against the Toronto Maple Leafs.
canadiens news | 24/10/2019

Station 16 Gallery X Montréal Canadiens: Game 1 - Jason Wasserman

Jason Wasserman is a Montréal born and raised artist. He has worked as an illustrator, painter and muralist since specializing in screen-printed t-shirt and poster design.
Canadiens news | 10/10/2019

Station 16 Gallery X Montréal Canadiens: Édition samedi limité!

Starting October 12th 2019, creativity meets hockey, at the vivid epicenter of Montréal’s identity.
Canadiens current news | 02/10/2019

Exclusive Print Launch: Scott Listfield - Bubble

New Scott Listfield print Bubble just landed on top of the world with Bubble. Launching May 21st at 11 am EST

news | 21/05/2019

Happy Holidays!

Give the gift that keeps on giving, buy art for your loved ones!

Discover a few of our favourite ideas for some 2018 Holiday gift inspiration!

news | 20/12/2018


What a wild week it was! Here are some highlights from Station 16 Gallery artists Laurence Vallières, Marie-Claude Marquis, Steven Spazuk, Stikki Peaches, and Whatisadam at the Juxtapoz Clubhouse in Downtown Miami!

news | 15/12/2017

Station 16 Annex | The Source (DENVER)

This weekend Station 16 Gallery heads to Denver for a pop-up gallery, several print launches, and many exciting mural projects! If you're in Denver, be sure to check it out!

news | 15/09/2017

The Walled Off Hotel | Station 16 Travels

Over the course of 15 months, in total secrecy, artist Banksy’s latest project came to life as he converted a vacant apartment building into what is now The Walled Off Hotel.

news | 17/05/2017