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The Art of Million Dollar Stickers - From Collector to Exhibitor, Reed Weily

Reed Weily collects stickers. Last year, he collected over 1.5M USD$ worth.

During his near-decade working in China, Mr. Weily found joy in finding and acquiring vintage stickers. From individual pieces to warehouses full, the stickers began to accrue in volume, quality—quantity.

Past Events | 27/08/2019

Beautiful Bananas - Reed Weily

Station 16 Gallery is proud to announce their upcoming show Beautiful Bananas, a solo exhibition by American artist Reed Weily. The show indulges the artist’s obsession with vintage stickers, one of the most overlooked and underappreciated elements of popular culture ephemera.
Past Events | 22/08/2019

Eric Clement Solo Show: Dimestore Delights

Dimestore Delights, a solo exhibition by Canadian artist Eric Clement, explores the collector’s relationship to vintage objects. His works venerate toys, their show cards the faded plastic bags, the stained, and weathered cardboard. His realistic approach to painting these vintage items is juxtaposed with tongue and cheek social critiques and modern slang .The subtle manipulation of brand-names logos and product graphics infuse these retro packages with modern meaning. 
Past Events | 17/07/2019

Osheaga Music on Paper // Osheaga Musique Sur Papier

Station 16 Gallery is proud to announce our upcoming July show Music on Paper presented by Osheaga Music and Arts Festival
Past Events | 04/07/2019

Lefkos | PichiAvo (Montreal)

June 6th 2019 - June 30th 2019

Station 16 Gallery is proud to announce our upcoming June show with PichiAvo. The duo is most known for their impressive juxtaposition of classic and modern art; using images of ancient gods set against an urban graffiti background. 

Past Events | 04/05/2019

Never Forever | Stikki Peaches (Denver)

May 9th 2019 - June 2nd 2019

Stikki Peaches’ work occupies a liminal space between the street and the gallery. He is constantly creating art that can be thought of as “beautifully controlled chaos.” Never Forever combines images of celebrities, icons and classic film stars into hybrid characters.

Past Events | 04/05/2019

The Boombox Project | Lyle Owerko (Denver)

March 8th 2019 - April 5th 2019

Lyle Owerko's The Boombox Project, a loving homage to the ubiquitous urban stereos of the 1980s, embraces the boombox as an icon of popular culture that has come to symbolize rebellion and freedom of expression.

Past Events | 08/03/2019


Nuit Blanche, March 2nd
FuturARTma, a exhibition in collaboration with the MURAL Festival and our friends from Boulevard St-Laurent. Station 16 gallery will be presenting a modern exhibition featuring artworks themed around the future. Station 16 will also be the meeting place for guided tours of the historical and artistic elements of the Main and its surrounding area.

Past Events | 21/02/2019

MC Marquis | Ouvert à Tous (MONTREAL)

February 7th - February 25th 2019.
Ouvert à Tous / Open to All, a second solo exhibition by local artist Marie-Claude Marquis (MC Marquis) at Station 16 Gallery. Marquis takes over the gallery space with the installation of a sacred alter meant to allow the viewer an intimate moment of reflection, surrounded by the artist’s signature vintage plates and embroideries.
Past Events | 23/01/2019

Andy Warhol Quotes | Smooth as Silk (DENVER)

January 24th - February 24th
SMOOTH AS SILK - Our upcoming exhibit highlights famous quotes by American pop artist and icon Andy Warhol. Warhol was instrumental in establishing the silkscreen print method as a new collectible and desirable art form.

Past Events | 23/01/2019

Mando Marie | Checked Out (MONTREAL)

November 29th - December 22nd 2018.
Checked Out
will highlight Mando Marie’s iconic Reading Girl series as well as several pieces combining vintage book covers, stencil work, and collage. The exhibition is focused primarily on the artist’s ongoing flirtation with books, book titles, and old book covers.
Past Events | 08/11/2018

Jason Wasserman & Eric Clement | Near Mint (MONTREAL)

October 25th - November 17th, 2018.
Near Mint, an exhibition and pop-up tattoo shop by Jason Wasserman and Eric Clement, explores the collector’s relationship to vintage objects, paying homage to the themes of nostalgia and the art of advertising. 
Past Events | 18/10/2018


Ocotber 4th - 31st (EXTENDED), 2018.
Station 16 Gallery Denver presents STICKER SHOCK, a solo exhibition by American artist Reed Weily. The vernissage will be held on October 4th from 6:00 to 9:00 pm at Station 16 Gallery Denver and the exhibition will run until October 31st, 2018. 

Past Events | 01/10/2018


September 27th - October 18th, 2018.
DICHOTOMIE will highlight a selection of recent work by L’Atlas showcasing the artist's signature typographic elements and patterns with a focus on lithographic prints on paper.
Past Events | 05/09/2018


August 9th - September 1st, 2018.
XVII-XXI by Portuguese artist Add Fuel explores the connections between the old techniques of ceramic painting and elements of our increasingly mediacentric society. The exhibition will include hand painted ceramic panels, with materials and pigments reproduced from the 17th century as well as new ceramic techniques.
Past Events | 26/07/2018

OSHEAGA | Music on Paper (MONTREAL)

July 17th - July 31st, 2018.
For the past 8 years the Music On Paper exhibit has served as a primer to the Osheaga Music and Arts Festival. Music On Paper’s focus is to celebrate the unique art of the screen printed music poster by exhibiting and showcasing some of the best visual artists in this field.

Past Events | 22/06/2018


May 31st - June 23rd, 2018.
Solo exhibition by Spanish artist
Ricardo Cavolo highlighting the elements necessary for revolution and our pursuit towards a new social order based on equality, unity, solidarity and progress.


Past Events | 24/05/2018

Jaune | The Orange Cone Festival (MONTREAL)

May 10th - 26th 2018.
Solo exhibition by Belgian street artist Jaune. His work is based on the paradox between the visible and the invisible, with sanitation workers the main protagonists in his humorous installations and paintings.

Past Events | 27/04/2018

Stikki Peaches | Bootleggers II (MONTREAL)

April 5th - 28th 2018.
Solo exhibition by Montreal-based street artist Stikki Peaches. The Bootleggers II presents a new body of works on paper created using a traditional collage process with unconventional three-dimensional additions.
Past Events | 03/04/2018

Whatisadam | #ChaletLife (MONTREAL)

March 3rd - 24th 2018.
Solo exhibition by Montreal-based street artist Whatisadam highlighting a selection of classic WIA imagery and newly developed works on canvas in a cozy chalet setting.
Past Events | 19/02/2018

Ian Kuali'i | The Elegant Dissonance (MONTREAL)

February 3rd - 24th 2018.
Solo exhibition by Ian Kuali'i highlighting a recent body of work that explores the human relationship between cultural, environmental, and urban decay through delicately rendered hand cut paper on reclaimed street ephemera. 

Past Events | 13/02/2018

Steven Spazuk | Minuit - Une (MONTREAL)

November 23rd - December 16th 2017.
Solo exhibition by the Fire Artist Steven Spazuk. Since 2001, he has been pushing the limits of a unique technique called fumage.
Past Events | 06/11/2017

Abigail Goldman | Sweet Dreams (MONTREAL)

October 26th - November 18th 2017.
Solo exhibition by contemporary artist Abigail Goldman highlighting a selection of her miniature murder scenes.

Past Events | 27/10/2017

Jaime Molina | Solo Exhibition (MONTREAL)

August 24th - September 16th 2017.
Solo exhibition by American artist Jaime Molina (Cutty Up) highlighting a selection of his sculptural and two-dimensional work.

Past Events | 05/09/2017

Scott Listfield | Astronaut (MONTREAL)

July 13th - August 5th 2017.
Solo exhibition by American artist Scott Listfield highlighting a selection of his signature hyperrealist, dystopian paintings.

Past Events | 18/07/2017


June 8th - 24th 2017.
Solo exhibition by Argentinian-Spanish artist Felipe Pantone, part of this year’s edition of the Montreal MURAL Festival.

Past Events | 06/06/2017

Alan Ganev | The Fall (MONTREAL)

April 13th - May 7th 2017.
Solo exhibition by Costa Rica born, Montreal based artist Alan Ganev. The Fall brings together an impressive range of works created using mediums such as collage, silkscreen, neon, sculpture, and photography.


Past Events | 04/04/2017

Stikki Peaches | The Bootleggers: A Stikki Story (MONTREAL)

March 16th - April 8th 2017.
Station 16 Gallery announces the opening of The Bootleggers: A Stikki Story, the first solo exhibition in Canada for Montreal-based street artist Stikki Peaches.

Past Events | 21/03/2017

Marie-Claude Marquis | C'est ça qui est ça (MONTREAL)

December 5th - January 5th 2017.
MC Marquis’ artwork embodies a unique blend of nostalgia and pop culture. C’est ça qui est ça highlights some of the work MC Marquis is best known for and introduced new exciting pieces by this emerging artist.

Past Events | 06/01/2017