Vaccine: Solo Show by DENIAL

Station 16
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VACCINE, a new solo show by Canadian artist DENIAL (Daniel Joseph Bombardier, 1976). A collection of original pop-art paintings, sculptures, prints and collectibles, all poking fun at our current social and political issues, a show not to be missed.

 Daniel Joseph Bombardier (Born September 27 1976) is a Canadian pop / mural artist whose aerosol and stencil art works critique contemporary politics, capitalism, consumerism and the human condition under the artists pseudonym and alter ego DENIAL. His artistic career began in 1999 during his involvement in the graffiti and street art movement. DENIAL’ studio is based in the border city of Windsor, Ontario, Canada next to Detroit, Michigan and spends much of the year traveling, painting murals, and exhibiting throughout North America and internationally. Having done solo shows in Detroit, New York, Chicago, Houston, Austin, New York, Toronto, Melbourne, Dubai, Miami and Vancouver. DENIAL is also very active in painting large scale murals and street art which often depict bold, bright, subversive pop inspired imagery intended to stun the viewer into contemplating the deeper meaning of its content and meaning. 

In 1999, Daniel adopted the moniker 'DENIAL' as a means of poking fun at advertising, politics and media messages that contemporary society is often 'in denial' about. Since then he has maintained an ongoing global street-campaign of over 500, 000 stickers, placards and murals, using the alpha-numeric characters 'D3N!@L'. Intended as a conceptual means of marketing absurdism, DENIAL also challenges traditional notions of graffiti and public art through his dynamic and often satirical visual subversions. A self-described subversive punk pop artist, DENIAL’ works challenge the comfortably numb consumer masses by holding up a mirror up to the viewer using comedic artistic expression, wit and provoking imagery in a unique, unforgettable aesthetic. 


The vernissage will be held August 14th from 6 pm to 9 pm at Station 16 Editions. See Facebook event for more information.