Art Basel Miami by Omen

Omen 514


Been in Wynwood for a total of 3 nights and this is what has happened

Made a roller paint 30 feet off the ground
I posted over 150 stickers
I no longer believe in what people say anymore when it comes to reliability.
"Fake it until you make it" replaces "it's not who you know it's who you blow" as far as networking here goes.
There is no such thing as mystery in street culture anymore.
I don't understand how shit like 2square floats.
Galleries pay for walls for their artists. 
I got duped a wall because a gallery paid for one of their artists to paint. 
Annoying but I guess I should cope too.
I am stressing over nothing.
I discovered Ivan Maimov and so should you.
I drove a Renault 300.
Martha Cooper remembered who I was.
I got made by a fan and was taken aback by a fame moment.
Saw a lot of people from last year.
Had a tour of graffiti history in Miami by a member of CIA crew. If you don't know now you know.