We are beyond thrilled to introduce Lucy Sparrow, an incredibly imaginative artist working out of the UK. If you have not yet had the pleasure of experiencing her work, brace yourselves – what an experience it is!

Sparrow’s medium of choice is felt. Along with a team of dedicated helpers, she creates intricate objects by sewing together brightly coloured pieces of felt, stuffing them like miniature pillows, and hand painting the details. While Sparrow has many hands helping her with the sewing, each and every object is hand painted by the artist herself.

Lucy Sparrow, May West

A childhood fascination with “things made out of materials they weren’t supposed to be made from” is Sparrow’s main inspiration for her work, which takes many forms: from innocent food items such as bubblegum and chocolate bars, to prescription drugs and weapons, and even sex objects such as butt plugs and vibrators. (Seriously, if you can think it, she can sew it.)

Lucy Sparrow, Butt Plug

In a recent publication titled Felt World, Sparrow recounts a childhood memory where she begs her older sister to win her a plush banana from a claw machine during a visit to the seaside. After several attempts the stuffed toy had successfully been captured and a young Lucy Sparrow had made a new friend for life. She carries this stuffed banana with her to this day.

Sparrow explains;

“I think, dear reader, you’re beginning to understand where the inspiration for the weird world of Lucy Sparrow was first incubated. I was totally mesmerized by things made out of materials they weren’t supposed to be made from. Even better, if the items were anthropomorphized with googly eyes, then I was in heaven. Inanimate objects with welcoming faces always presented themselves as my friends. I was a strange child, not like the others around me. I was captivated by bizarre items and obsessively collected colourful trinkets that most would consider junk and tat. I suppose these were the earliest signs of surrealism in my life.” (Lucy Sparrow, Felt World, 7)

Lucy Sparrow, Froot Loops & Lucky Charms

Sparrow’s oeuvre is playful, her objects are relatable, and their felt composition challenge the ever-expanding boundaries between fine art and craft. The objects invite the viewer to touch, an action usually discouraged in the art world, and evoke a surreal sense of nostalgia and curiosity. Simply put, we are in love. We just received our very first order of the wonderful world of felt created by Lucy Sparrow, delivered by the artist herself on a recent visit to Montreal. Some of our favourites include the box of Lucky Charms cereal and Macaroni & Cheese, have a look here! Mmmm, cheesy!

Lucy Sparrow, Macaroni & Cheese

Follow her on Instagram for more felty fun and stay tuned for more news about new items from Lucy Sparrow, we are very excited about them!