Station 16 is proud to present “M(omen)to Mori,” a daring still life exhibition curated by the artist OMEN. Please join us for the opening on January 29th starting at 6pm. 

“The name of the show comes from a theme of painting that has run throughout history. It uses the artists’ talents to capture the fleeting nature of life. Reminding us that one day it will all end. Artists created their work by using objects that show an elapse of time. The reason I wanted to use street artists and [graffiti] writers is to shake shit it up a bit. Too many times, people buy art because it is recognizable. This, I feel, falls more into a marketing strategy called market recognition. Market recognition has been motivating a lot of artists rather that of thematic creation. “M(omen)to Mori” is a chance for artists to break out of the mould and echo the masters of the past. It's a gauntlet that has been thrown down and the challenge has been accepted. 

My feeling towards this show right now (as of January 17, 2014) are of apprehension and curiosity. I have no idea what to expect from the artists I have selected. I have been working tightly with Station 16 Gallery on this and they are as excited as I am. The catch 22 is that every artist in this show is working out of their comfort zone. Kinda exciting.”    

- Omen

“M(omen)to Mori” will feature the following artists: Cryote, Enzo Sarto, Heiidi Taillefer, Iamrurik, Jason Botkin , Jeff Blackburn, Jeremy Price, Juan Carlos Noria (aka. Dixon), Kevin Ledo, Mike Maxwell, Lindsay Campbell, LNY, Omen, Over Under, Tyler Rauman & Whatisadam. 

The exhibition runs from January 29 - February 12, 2014.