We first met the instagrafite team last June during the first edition of MURAL (the Montreal mural festival). Since then, we've known that both our creative teams needed to work together to continue pushing art in the streets, and find a way to shorten the 7000km (4300 miles) between our cities! So, beginning May 13th at 2pm EST Station16shop.com will releasing a collection of collaborative Instagrafite products! We'll be launching 3 instagrafite t-shirts and 6 silkscreen prints from Brazilian street artists, closely selected by Instagrafite! These artists include Felipe Yung (aka FLIP), Rimon Guimarães (aka Rimon), Acidum ProjectNando Sperb, Arlin Cristiano (aka ARLIN), and Thales Fernando (aka POMB). In our next blog we'll be looking closely at the work of each of these artists, and introducing them and their new prints! 


Arlin (standing in front of his recent mural in Sao Paulo) 


You can follow instagrafite on instagram (@instagrafite), check out their street art course RUA (based in brazil) or Markr (a new app recognizing art in the street).