Thanks to all who came out this week, and to all those at FIMA (Festival International Montréal en Arts). We had a great time, made some new friends and sold some art! Our summer is just getting started and there are more events coming up. Next on our list is "Just for Laughs", they will be closing off St Catherine in front of Place des Arts and Station16 will be there to meet and greet! 

Until then, here are some photos from this week at FIMA! Besides our wonderful booth, just one block away, there was some live painting going on by three fantastic collectives, CEASE, EnMasse, & Trio Magus (a Toronto trio). These three groups were contacted by FIMA to paint a three block Totem. The Panels from this Totem will be on display all month at a galerie to be determined by FIMA, so check there site for information. Some of the artists in these groups have prints at, if you like their work they include artists Alan Ganev, EarthCrusher, WIA, EnMasse, Fred Caron, & Rupert Bottenberg

Here's a really beautiful video of the Cease Totem in progress.

The three Totems complete, and wrapped behind Beaudry metro.


EnMasse Totem.


Trio Magnus Totem being disassembled.

The Cease Totem. (which included artists Alan Ganev, WIA, EarthCrusher, and new comer X-RAY).