Print of the Month - September

Station 16

 Teo Zamudio was our Call of Submissions winner, making him September's 'Print of the Month'. But you all know that already, because you voted for him! His T-shirt was picked out of our 4 finalists by you guys, so here it is, by public demand. And we've made this an affordable Tee, so that you can all pick one up!

Originally from Mexico City, Teo Zamudio is a very talented visual artist. He hasn't been in Montreal for very long, and he's already leaving his mark. He has created many t-shirt design's for different companies, designed artwork for bands from Australia and Mexico, and even makes his own music and videos... easily one of the best multidisciplinary artists we've encountered so far. 

His T-shirt design started as a drawing on paper, using traditional markers. He then played with the papers shape by crumpling it and scanning it into his computer. Followed by a little photoshop clean-up and bam! The linear experiment is over, and the result is awesome. 

Check out his other work at get the Tshirt HERE.

We invited Teo into the shop to learn the art of the silkscreen, and print the first batch of shirts (Master printer Carlos from Station16 in the center). A portion of the sales goes to Teo and his hard work, support the artist and order a tee today!