Tom Hanks + Banksy = Hanksy.  If you're unfamiliar with 'Hanksy', he is a NYC Street Artist, that has been putting up graffiti following a series of Tom Hanks movies combined with images from Banksy's work. 

In March, Station 16 was in NYC for Armoury Week (Click the link for the blog from our visit there), while we were there we got to see some of Hanksy's work up close, and we just couldn't get enough! So when we heard that Hanksy was having his second solo show, "Young Puns 2: Now With More Fun," at the Krause Gallery on Orchard Street Nov. 8th, NYC , we jumped at the chance to create a print with him for the show!

Be sure to check out Vanadalog for an interview with Hanksy, as well as some other cool posts on the Artist. The Print will be on display at the Krause Gallery on Nov. 1st where you can pre-order it, and it goes online as of Nov.8th at noon (


Online November 8th at Noon 

"Ferrell Cat" by Hanksy
5 color print on Cranes 100% cotton paper 
Edition of 16
20x26 inches
Signed and Number by the Artist