This Saturday, Station 16 launches this month's newest print, a 4 colour silkscreen print with a lot of shine! Set on a heavy Cranes lettra 100% cotton paper, "Audrey" is a Black, White and Gold Metallic screen print by A.CE, a London based street artist who uses wheatpaste posters as his medium of choice. This print also has a Gel Gloss printed over the black, which gives it an extra punch and gives it a sheen under the light. This edition of 30 with A.CE is Station16's second UK artist print. Available Saturday March 16th at Noon

"Planet of the A.CE" a solo show of works on paper by A.CE with the Maxwell Colette Gallery, also opens on Saturday March 16th at 6pm. If you're in the Chicago area, check out this show (which will feature the "Audrey" Print)!