Launching this Monday at Noon, Station16 welcomes its newest silkscreen edition all the way from Cambridge, England. Mr.Penfold is a muralist, street artist, screen-printer, illustrator, and painter of international notoriety. With a quirky penchant for colour and shape brought to life in the form of his quintessential characters, Mr. Penfold has charmed his way across the pond with this screen-printed envoy.

Here's a few Q and A's for your enjoyment....


Station16: You are known for your comic characters. What led you towards abstraction?

Mr.Penfold: I think as I get older and my taste change, The abstract work seems to come more naturally. Characters are great fun and I don't think they'll ever disappear. 

All the abstract work comes from my characters, The elements, shapes, colour and composition are all from them.



S16: Who are these characters that you paint? Where do they come from and how do you come up with them?

Mr.P: I don't really now to be honest! I've never been into narrative or stories. I've never given them names or anything. For me the characters are more about the shapes and colour. I think that's why they translate well into the abstract work.



S16: Your signature shape is the mirrored J, what does it represent?  How important is it to your artistic identity?

Mr.P: Yeah the nose has become a bit of a signature. It started out as a normal nose, over time if got bigger and curvy.

It doesn't really represent anything, It just a shape that I enjoy drawing. It's a hard shape to get perfect, I think that's why I like it.



S16:You’ve done a lot of murals in London, Berlin and Sydney. Do you also do illegal work?

Mr.P: Shhhh...

S16: Is this the first time that you are working with a printshop outside the UK?

Mr.P: Yeah I think so. Being a screenprinter myself I've never had the need to do prints else where. But It's a great way to get your work to a new audience.