Art Crush of the Week: Alan Ganev

Amanda Brownridge

Art crushes. Like people crushes but only better. That glorious moment when you're scrolling through your Instagram feed and suddenly you stumble upon an image that stops you in your tracks and you just know that it is the beginning of something beautiful. You can't get enough and you fall down the rabbit hole of hashtags and hyperlinks.

Art Crush of the Week: Alan Ganev

We recently received new pieces in the gallery by the one and only Alan Ganev and we are in love. These pieces are part of an ongoing series entitled Mundo de Quixotes. In this series Ganev takes his collage work onto wood with a final result that is refined and incredibly powerful.

Growing up in Costa Rica, a country that abolished its army in 1948, Ganev explores the concept of how and why we decide to protect ourselves in different contexts and how we evolve as a consequence of these choices. His new body of work, Mundo de Quixotes, attempts to highlight issues of security and protection.


The process involved in creating these works is as interesting as the meaning behind them. Ganev has a unique collection of vintage toys which he photographs and then collages on wood. A stencil is used over the collage to apply the graffiti and the entire surface is then varnished. This process is incredibly time consuming and requires meticulous precision. Ganev is without a doubt a perfectionist and he has mastered his craft.


Artist Bio:

Born in San Jose, Costa Rica in 1986, Alan Ganev is a visual artist with a Bachelor of Fine Arts from Concordia University in Montreal.

Ganev has been part of group exhibitions at galleries, cultural centers, and museums worldwide, including the Montreal Museum of Fine Arts, Costa Rica Museum of Contemporary Art and Design, as well as the Conseil des Arts de Montréal.

In addition, his passion for muralism and urban culture has guided the artist to work on impressive murals with the collective EN MASSE in New York City during Armory Arts Week and Miami during Miami Art Basel.

In 2014, Alan Ganev had his first solo exhibition at Station 16 gallery. Titled Make Me Care, the exhibition reunited a collection of 15 artworks that were presented.

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