Buff Monster x Mana Urban Arts Project

Amanda Brownridge
Buff Monster is currently working on a massive mural at the Holland Tunnel for Mana Urban Arts Project. This is Buff Monster's largest mural to date and we can't wait to see the end result! Since we couldn't visit in person, our good friend Jules from @julesandregulations sent us some awesome photos and a guest blog, enjoy all of the melty goodness!

What isn't there to love about Buff Monster? For more than 10 years he's been adding color to our cities by brightening up gray walls with his captivating characters. Buff's wall 
presentations are thoughtful and fun, showcasing his individuality and joyful attitude. From the streets to galleries to collaborating with high-end brands and offering a wide array of prints, shirts, stickers, limited edition collectible vinyl and resin toys, those awesome Melty Misfits trading cards/stickers and Stay Melty book, he has accepted the challenge to make his projects work for everyone. I'm into it. 

Hi! I'm Jules and if you want to follow any of my mischief, follow @julesandregulations on Instagram.

Buff Monster lives and works in New York City. He’s a tireless worker, often citing heavy metal music, ice cream, Pop art, Japanese Culture and graffiti as major influences. His meticulously executed paintings have been shown in galleries around the world; one painting hangs in the Bristol City Museum as part of their permanent collection. He’s also created a variety of limited edition collectibles including vinyl and resin toys, prints, shirts, stickers and two series of his ambitious trading cards/stickers called The Melty Misfits. He’s worked with some of the most recognizable brands such as Disney, Converse, Hello Kitty, Samsung, Nike, Coca-Cola and others. He’s created work in the streets for over 15 years. In 2015, Jeffrey Deitch asked him to participate in a mural project in Coney Island. He’s included in Banksy’s Oscar-nominated documentary: Exit Through the Gift Shop. And along the way, he’s cultivated an impressive social media following.
(Bio from buffmonster.com)

Buff Monster was in Montreal  this summer for the MURAL festival, have you seen his mural yet!? We walk past it everyday (it's right around the corner from the gallery) and it makes us so happy! Here are some shots taken by Hooked Blog this summer. The mural is titled "The Seven Deadly Sins." (Note the ice cream monster holding seven scoops of ice cream.)

Happy Friday, everyone! Stay Melty!