Interview with Bombing Science

Amanda Brownridge

Since 1998, Bombing Science has been an important source for documenting graffiti art around the world and has become a household name for graffiti supplies. Check out the interview with Fred from Bombing Science below!

What is Bombing Science?

Bombing Science was started as a personal website to showcase what our crew was painting in our part of the city. After a few months I started taking pictures of other crews and graffiti writers around Montreal and the website grew a huge following. Eventually I travelled to nearby cities like Toronto and NYC to take more graffiti pictures and from that moment it became an international graffiti website.

I still travel every other month or so to go take pictures of graffiti in various cities around the world. Along the way I have also opened my other website about travelling, Yulair. I run these websites because they are what I love the most: graffiti and travelling.

So no it’s not only a shopping site. It's first of all an online graffiti gallery, with an archive of thousands of graffiti pictures from around the world. We publish interviews and artist spotlights almost every day. I see Bombing Science as a graffiti online zine.

We also have an online forum with almost 100k members, so it’s a huge platform where graffiti writers from around the world can discuss and share their pictures.

And of course we also run our graffiti supplies online store, where we are selling spray paint, markers, caps and everything a graffiti writer can ever need.

How long has Bombing Science been around?

We've been around for a while! The first site was opened in 1998, under the name “Graffiti de Montreal-Nord” and then around 2000 it became Bombing Science. We have updated our site with new pictures daily since 1998… so you can imagine our archive is massive.

When we first started the site it was one of the first resources for graffiti on the internet, along with Art Crimes and a few others. We are glad to be still up and running almost 20 years later.

How do you contribute to the graffiti scene/movement?

From the beginning we built Bombing Science as a platform for graffiti writers to show what they have painted. The most important for us is to highlight talented graff writers on a daily basis. And of course, we support the scene by providing the paint and the tools to make the art. We do collabs with artists several times each year and try our best to be helpful to graffiti writers.