Joe Iurato and Red Bull Flying Bach

Amanda Brownridge
Joe Iurato takes Washington DC by storm! Leading up to the opening of Red Bull Flying Bach (from January 6-8th), stencil artist Joe Iurato has been decorating the streets of Washington with his woodcuts and we just can't get enough.

Photo credit: Matthew Eller, Street Art News
Flying Bach is a clash of cultures where classical music meets break dance. Flying Steps Founder Vartan Bassil came up with the idea of combining these two elements, he partnered with Conductor Christoph Hagel and Red Bull Flying Bach was born. The award winning Flying Steps’ project delivers a creative performance set to Johann Sebastian Bach's "The Well­-Tempered Clavier," bridging the art forms of classical and urban culture. The elegant music of Bach interpreted through break dance with explosive moves creates an amazing and entertaining show for people of all ages and demographics. Since 2011 the show has successfully toured Europe, Australia and Japan. In 2014 Flying Steps were ready to take North America with performances in Chicago, Toronto, and Montreal.

For the production in Washington, which begins tomorrow, stencil artist Joe Iurato has been placing works of art around the city in the weeks leading up to the opening and will also be presenting life size pieces during the event. In a interview with Street Art News by Matthew Eller, Iurato elaborates on the project:

"Red Bull reached out to me over the summer and proposed a collab in support of Flying Bach’s upcoming Washington, D.C. performance. Breakdancing has had its influence in my life, and like all things that mean something to me, it often creeps into my work. So it just seemed like an idyllic gig to work on.  There are two parts to the project: the first part happened a few weeks ago, when I installed 15 small wood cutouts of break dancers in public areas around D.C.. And the second part happens Friday night, when I install life-sized versions of the cutouts in the theater for the audience to interact with and enjoy."

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