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Art Crush of the Week: Lucy Sparrow

In a recent article for Juxtapoz Magazine (by Evan Pricco and on shelves now!) Lucy Sparrow discusses her felt installations and the effects that they have on people depending on the location in which they are set.

For this week's art crush we look back to Lucy Sparrow's Erotic Emporium: Le Sex Shop Feutré. Lucy Sparrow is an artist that we greatly admire here at the gallery and are looking forward to the many projects that she has in the works!

Convenience Store Cornershop Craft Felt Felt Art Fine Art Lucy Sparrow Sex Shop Station 16 Gallery | 12/10/2016

Introducing the Wonderful Felt World of Lucy Sparrow

We are beyond thrilled to introduce Lucy Sparrow, an incredibly imaginative artist working out of the UK. If you have not yet had the pleasure of experiencing her work, brace yourselves – what an experience it is!


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