Updates on Logan Hicks and the Bowery Wall

Amanda Brownridge

After a rough and tumble start, Logan Hicks is on his way to slaying New York’s Bowery Wall. A nasty attack by Mother Nature held up the artist’s first stab in late July, with a freak storm coupled with extreme heat causing the actual wall to buckle. A little over two weeks later, Hicks was able to get the lost stencil layer one re-cut, and has restarted the 70 x 20 foot wall with his crew. Five layers and 800 lbs of stencils will go into this wall, entitled “Story of my Life,” which illustrates Hicks’ iconic architectural viewpoint, mixed with a hundred or so people who have touched the artist’s life over the ten years he’s lived in New York. Stay tuned for exclusive progress shots.

Post by Lori Zimmer of Art Nerd NY and author of The Art of Cardboard.