Alex Bastide

Description: Entrepreneur of all things PUNK



Alex Bastide has been excelling in business for over twenty years. He was barely of age when he realized his dream: to become his own boss. Driven by his passion for skateboarding, music and underground culture, he successively opened four Underworld stores, including one in Vancouver, and founded the Underworld Cabaret, where he created several events that would go down in history.

Ambitious? Yes, but above all, tireless... Completely allergic to rest, Alex is an active entrepreneur who fully invests himself in each of his projects, while cultivating the art of building strong relationships with those around him. That's probably why he succeeds in everything he does! He now runs seven L'Gros Luxe restaurants across the province and is first-time author of his own autobiography titled “Sortir du Cadre”, published by Éditions Cardinal.