Ian Kuali'i


"One can’t erase a razor line so the process teaches me to be patient and gentle while at the same time destroying to create.”

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Ian Kuali’i’s creative process is “The meditative process of destroying to create”.His portraits, journal entries and scenes are masterfully rendered in hand cut paper with a blend of loose urban contemporary technics and collaged found materials. His work is a balance between the rough and delicate, while exploring ideas of modern progress dependent on a foundation in one’s own history. 

Ian Kuali’i is a multi-disciplinary artist born in Orange County California, raised in Maui, Hawaii and currently residing in the Berkeley, California. Interested and involved with art from an early age, it was growing up through the cultural revolution of Hip Hop in the 80s/90s that heavily influenced the style and subject matter he initially chose to explore as an artist. Self education coupled with a 7 year apprenticeship with the legendary artist Doze Green helped him develop the unique process and voice he is recognized for today.
Through out his career, Ian has worked in collaboration with notable brands and institutions such as Universal Pictures, The DeYoung Museum, The National Trust for Historic Preservation and Friends of Miami Marine Stadium by creating one-of-a-kind site specific art pieces for their events and programs.