“I'm a stencil artist and urban interventionist from Brussels, Belgium. My work is based on the paradox between the visible and the invisible, with sanitation workers the main protagonists in my humorous installations and paintings.”


Garbage men are present every day in our lives. We meet them all the time, dressed in the fluorescent clothes, but in spite of that, they seem to be invisible. As the part of the urban environment, in Jaune’s work they are leaving their jobs and getting into funny, absurd adventures. Instead of cleaning, they are making the mess, climbing the buildings, throwing the garbage bags. Jaune inverts different everyday occasions, giving them a new meaning. With his humorous images, he represents one more interesting life on the streets.

The characteristic of Jaune’s work is the tension of the moment. He represents daily situations trough funny elements, sometimes making the illusion of things that are going to happened. A man who has almost fallen, or teacup falling out of the window are surprising situations that make his artworks even more interesting. 
His images always carry a strong message, transparent or hidden, and indubitably, the starting position of every interpretation is a joke.