“Don’t worry, I’m Happy.”

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Graffiti Legend Pez is from Barcelona, based in Bogota. Founder of "Happy Style,” he started painting in 1999 on the outskirts of Barcelona. The artist got into street art writing his signature, which soon took on the shape of a fish. His tag little by little turned into the shape of a smiling fish, and led him to became a celebrity throughout Barcelona.

Pez creates a universe of colour around his main character with the aim of spreading his "good vibes". Nowadays the happy fish has a lot of friends and a big family of characters that can be recognised by their huge and infectious smile. Pez has exhibited his art in many cities like Los Angeles, Paris, London, Tokyo, NewYork, Miami, Amsterdam, Oslo, Berlin, Vienna, Barcelona and Bogota.
His art has been mentioned in some of the best street-art books: Street Logos, Art of Rebellion, Graffiti and Street art, Sticker Bomb2, and Graffiti world. Pez’ work appears in documentaries such as: "Bomb It-The Movie", “Muros Libres", Free Walls" and "A Primer on Urban Painting".