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Smooth As Silk was inspired by the silkscreen printing method and Andy Warhol’s role in legitimizing it as a desirable and collectable fine art form. His work with silkscreen printing heightened public perception of the technique and continues to influence artists today. The folklore of Warhol, his wit, and his contributions to art and film have left a vast cultural imprint. The exhibition was also inspired by Station 16 Gallery Denver’s connection to Mark Sink as well as Sink’s photographs and friendship with Andy Warhol. Our goal is to pay homage to Sink, Warhol, and the art of silkscreen printing.

Mark Sink artist lecture:

From A to D and Back Again
Untold Stories of Andy Warhol
Mark Sink (Denver photographer and friend of Andy Warhol)
January 24th 2019 | 7-8pm

When? January 24th - February 24th 2019
Where? Station 16 Denver
3330 Brighton Boulevard, #204 (Inside the Source Hotel), Denver, Colorado, USA