Bootleggers III: A solo show by Stikki Peaches

Station 16
Events & Projects
Stikki Peaches, Jasmine 2020, bootleggers 3, unique artwork, collage

October 29th - November 22nd

Station 16 Editions: 3523 Boulevard Saint-Laurent, Montreal, Quebec

Metro: Saint-Laurent or Sherbrooke

Free Entry 

The long anticipated sequel to Stikki Peaches' Bootleggers I & II has finally arrived! While the preceding years based itself on nostalgic childhood idols and the artists’ fashion muses, Bootleggers III focuses itself on Stikki’s childhood toys and his interest in bootleg toys. 

These unique artworks are created using a traditional collage process, with unconventional three dimension found objects, and parts of his children's recycled toys. 

We can’t wait for you guys to see this incredible show; it is not one to be missed. 

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Stikki Peaches, best known for the tagline “What if Art Ruled the World?” and celebrity mash-up wheat pastes, has been taking over the streets on an international level since 2009. Strongly influenced by pop culture, Stikki Peaches combines images of classic films, celebrities, and musical icons into hybrid characters. Using a variety of media, including collage, acrylic paint, and silkscreen, Stikki Peaches’ work occupies an interesting liminal space between the street and the gallery. With an active following on social media, Stikki Peaches frequently engages with his audience by leaving clues for treasure hunts through Instagram, bridging the gap created by maintaining an anonymous identity.


Unfortunately, due to the ongoing situation in Montreal, there will be no traditional vernissage. However, the show will be on from October 29th-November 22nd during out regular hours of operation.