The Boombox Project | Lyle Owerko (Denver)

Station 16
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The Boombox Project

An exhibition by Lyle Owerko

March 8th 2019 - April 5th 2019

Station 16 Denver

3330 Brighton Boulevard #203

Inside the Source hotel

Lyle Owerko's The Boombox Project, a loving homage to the ubiquitous urban stereos of the 1980s, embraces the boombox as an icon of popular culture that has come to symbolize rebellion and freedom of expression. The Boombox Project began in 2005 as a comprehensive documentation of vintage portable stereos. In 2010, Abrams Image published a book of those photos, which included a foreword by Spike Lee.

A photojournalist, artist, and filmmaker, Lyle Owerko has documented a diverse range of subjects, from urban skateboarders to members of Kenya’s Samburu tribe. However, his most iconic image is the 2001 photograph 'The Second Plane', capturing Flight 175 as it struck the second tower of the World Trade Center on September 11th. The image appeared on the cover of the September 14th, 2001 issue of Time magazine, an iconic document and a historical record of a national tragedy. Often working with human rights organizations, such as Charity Water and the United Nations Millennium Promise, Owerko’s work frequently merges art with a social mission. As a highly sought artist, Owerko’s imagery is included in the permanent collection of the Library of Congress and has been exhibited at the Victoria & Albert Museum in London, amongst other globally recognized galleries and institutions