STENCILED @ Station 16 Gallery

Amanda Brownridge

On April 28th, Station 16 Gallery launched STENCILED – a group exhibition showcasing the innovative stencil work of AIKO, Icy and Sot, Joe Iurato, Logan Hicks, and Snik.

The exhibition has been very well received and will remain on display until May 21st. If you haven't had a chance to see the exhibition, come on over!

AIKO (Tokyo): AIKO’s (aka Lady AIKO) distinctive style, with her playful manga-inspired images and bright colours can be seen all over the world. Having worked for many years as one of three members of FAILE and been a driving force in Takashi Murakami’s studio, AIKO has also participated in the Wynwood Walls, the Bowery Walls, and the Coney Art Walls. She is exhibiting in Montreal for the first time at Station 16 Gallery.

Icy and Sot (Iran): Two brothers from Tabriz, Iran, living and working primarily in New York City, Icy and Sot’s work has strong political undertones. Coming from a part of the world where cultural endeavors face severe censorship, Icy and Sot take to the streets and create work dealing with socio-political, human rights, and ecological issues.

Joe Iurato (NY): Joe Iurato’s stencil work on wood cutouts, both as installations and photographed pieces in urban landscapes, has already become iconic in the world of street art. By layering hand cut stencils with spray paint, Iurato constructs heartfelt images and has an uncanny ability to capture childhood memories and nostalgia in a way that is relatable to each and every viewer.

Logan Hicks (NY): Logan Hicks is known for his intricately detailed, over-sized stencils, each cut out by hand and layered to create incredible urban landscapes. Hicks’ landscapes are based on photographs taken around New York, specifically during late night walks intended to capture those rare quiet moments in the city that never sleeps. As a result, Hicks’ artwork embodies a somber quality that is tough to shake.

Snik (UK): An artist duo working out of the United Kingdom, Snik relies heavily on detailed stencil work and luminescent colour. The building up of layers and colours creates a unique glowing effect that is unlike any other and needs to be witnessed in person for the full effect to be truly appreciated.