Station 16 Gallery has been a longtime supporter of Enzo & Nio, printing Magritte (Ceci nest pas use bombe) back in 2012. We’ve since presented their Idols and launched a tremendously successful Alarm Pull edition variant for Fountain Art Fair. Today, we would like to introduce you to Magda Coccinella, the person behind the Brooklyn duo’s social media.
I'm responsible for their facebook page, twitter and tumblr. I also search blogs, Instagram and the Internet in general on a mostly daily basis for any E and N related news. I think it was late 2010 when Enzo ( a long time friend) decreed that I would be their social media minion. Back then I was pretty ignorant of the street art and graffiti world so it was a steep learning curve to say the least… like that time I ended up chatting to Futura on Flickr with no clue who he was. Oh the shame. So, why would they choose someone so ignorant of the streets, do I hear you ask? Well Enzo says he chose me because he trusted me, I'm organized and because he knew I'd be dedicated (translation: I'm good at nagging). 
I haven't known Nio for as long and I think he was a little apprehensive at first but I'm pretty sure I've won him over now. 
Anyway! Fast forward to 2014 and I'm street art addicted to the point of road tripping or flying to other cities around New Zealand to attend street art festivals. Did I mention I live in New Zealand? The fact that I can do all this from so far away is pretty amazing. Isn't the Internet grand? The  bonus of doing all this for Enzo and Nio is that I've discovered the work of some amazing street artists from New Zealand and around the world. I've also made a lot of virtual friends half a world away. Thanks Enzo. (he made me write that)
So who are Enzo and Nio? They're long time friends, and one night over drinks (and other nefarious activities) 'Enzo and Nio' - street artists came to be. Ever since they've been adorning the streets with their art which is a peculiar mix of humor, shock, thought provoking beauty and revolutionary thinking. Anything goes. They don't just stick to one particular style, or one particular medium. Stickers, wheatpastes, stencils you name it, they do it. Just two guys, doing what they want on the street. They dislike being pigeon holed or tied down to any one style. Why limit yourself though, when there are so many avenues of creativity to rush headlong down, shouting and laughing? 
From playful messages such as "We might be your dads" or "Enzo and Nio fucked Justin Bieber" to the haunting Future Now Idols to the cynical and political Uncle Sham and the Film The Police just never know what they're going to do next. A couple of my favourites are Bomba and the Future Now Idols. The Idols freak me out a little, they're such a powerful, disturbing contrast. 
Thanks to their own hard work, and that of some friends, they've managed to get up in quite a few places worldwide - such as Barcelona, Montreal, Reykjavik, New Zealand, Australia, Costa Rica, Mexico - as well as all over NYC and many other states in the US.
2014 is shaping up to be their biggest year yet. They're a secretive pair so they don't like broadcasting events or happenings until they're almost doing them but keep an eye out for them. They could pop up in your neighbourhood any day now! 
You can find out more about them on their website: 
Follow them on twitter and Instagram @enzoandnio