This Friday, Station 16 Gallery opens it's latest show "Make Me Care", by collage artist Alan Ganev.  Make Me Care is an exhibition for which Ganev re-appropriated and deconstructed found imagery from previous Life magazine editions (1950's-60's) to capture, in simple visual compositions, the complexity of feelings and emotions attached to meaningful personal experiences. 

Ganev's large scale collages set him apart from most other artists in this genre. By pasting his images both on the street and in decayed buildings, he has transformed vintage advertisement into an anti-advertising campagin. "These images were born from pop culture, but their relation to any consumer product is purposely forgotten, their “smile for the camera” expressions are removed, and their new body language is the only one responsible for delivering the story..." says Ganev.


Ganev has exhibited collaboratively at the Montreal Museum of Fine Arts, the Costa Rica Museum of Contemporary Art and Design and the Contemporary Art Center of Quito. His passion for mural work and public art has also guided the artist to work on projects with EN MASSE in New York City during Armory Arts Week and Miami during Art Basel. In addition, he is an active member of the International WEIRD collage group, exhibiting in cities such as Berlin, Lima, Los Angeles, New York, Montréal, Quito and San Jose.


This is Herd, created this conceptual video to give insight to the artist's thoughts and process.


réZin wine has also created a contest in collaboration with Station16 & Make Me Care, giving you the opportunity to win a choice bottle of wine, along with a limited edition silkscreen print by Alan Ganev. Click the link for details! 

Make Me Care will run from April 11th - April 21st at Station16 Gallery. The show will launch a new silkscreen print and several works on wood.