Graffiti Wall Street

Alexandra Jagodzinski

Station 16 Gallery is excited to release Graffiti Wall Street by Linus Ma. A young analog photographer from Germany, Linus Ma has quickly become an internationally recognized artist through his stunning black and white photography. We recently had the chance to catch up with Linus to learn more about the inspiration and process behind his work.

Graffiti Wall Street by Linus Ma

Your photograph Graffiti Wall Street is widely recognized, having gone viral on the Internet. What was the original concept behind the image?
I wanted to create a breach of style. Something people didn't know yet. I wanted to combine things that usually don't belong together. The picture was supposed to show that people in suits can be criminals as well. That being said, the guy in the suit could be a politician, and the lady is like the people watching but who are powerless and weak.

How do you choose your subject matter?
It is mostly just the little coincidences that make [my photographs] happen. I often take random walks around the city and capture what I see in front of me. I can't really describe why I take certain pictures. I believe it's what some might call an "eye for photography“.  I try not to stage the pictures, but when I do, I make sure it still looks like a unique moment. 

I noticed you divide your photography into Moments, Shoots, etc. on your site. How does the creative process for these different categories compare?
Most of my pictures are moments I'm witnessing while walking in the streets. Sometimes I am in places when I just sit down for an hour and wait for something to happen. Those are mostly snapshots. My ideas for shoots develop from social influences, and while pondering things that do not make any sense to me. I like to combine subjects that do not tend to belong together in the eyes of society.

Your career seems to have taken off very quickly. What are your future career goals?
My last exhibition was in Hong Kong where it went very well. I really would like to go in a more international direction. Maybe some exhibitions in LA,  New York, Vancouver, Tokyo, and Art Basel.

Any upcoming projects?
In all of my upcoming projects, I am trying to create images that will move people and get them to think. Images that will stay in their minds.
For those that are real curious, I'm planning a trip to Buenos Aires to photograph the city. I will be traveling a lot since I'm planning on publishing a book by the end of 2016. The book will focus on my pictures and snapshots with corresponding texts about how those images came to be. I don't want to spoil anything or give away too much yet!


Graffiti Wall Street will be available on Tuesday September 1st at noon EST on