Station 16 Gallery is back in New York City to present The Day is My Enemy, a solo show of the street artist, DeeDee. Highlighting themes of deception and destruction, The Day is My Enemy explores the public personas we show to the world and the private identities we keep to ourselves. 

Wheatpaste by DeeDee, New York CityWheatpaste by DeeDee (NY)

DeeDee often explores what lies beneath the surface, and her work demonstrates this idea through both its content and technique. DeeDee's depictions of glamorous, beautiful women are based on actual photographs; however, DeeDee distorts their appearance through the applied layers of unnatural accessories and mismatched body parts. The collage technique creates a false, deliberately constructed identity, that obscures the original image from the public. 

Wheatpaste by DeeDee (NYC) 

Wheatpaste by DeeDee (NY)


“In my head, every day is Halloween. My art is the mask I hide behind. The Day Is My Enemy shows how I prefer to live at night. The night is also my mask and hides me as I do what I do,” describes DeeDee. Given DeeDee's preference towards the Halloween season and its macabre elements of disguise, there did not seem a more fitting time for a DeeDee exhibition. "I wanted to have a Halloween party. Violence - my cat- told I should hand art and invite my friends," states DeeDee.

DeeDee street art, New York City
Wheatpaste by DeeDee (NY)


The exhibition will consist of original works and silkscreen prints, all directly inspired by the DeeDee’s wheatpastes found in the streets. If you're in New York this week, The Day is My Enemy is a must.

Wheatpaste by DeeDee (NY)
Along with the opening of the show, Station 16 Gallery is releasing two silkscreen prints by DeeDee. You're the Conversation (I'm the Game) is a 5 colour, hand-finished silkscreen print. Available in 2 colour combos, each print is an edition of 16.

Hell Colour Combo

The Day is My Enemy will be on exhibit October 15-18th with an open reception on the 15th from 6-9pm. Find us at 2 Rivington Street, NYC.