A couple of months back we printed a Limited Edition screen print for NYC based artist Ingrid Alvarez called simply 'Sneakers'. This print is a four colour process (CMYK), based on a painting also available for sale in the 'shop' section of Ingrid's site. When disaster struck NYC and Hurricane 'Sandy' hit, we lost contact with Ingrid until recently. She is fine now, but stuck on Staten Island with limited transport and supplies. 

During our last conversation with Ingrid, she mentioned how devastating things are down there and how she'd like to get involved with the N.Y. disaster relief fund. She decided to donate a portion of her sales from this print. Check out her site and purchase a 'Sneakers' print, or donate directly to help those in NY recovering from the storm. 

You can purchase the 'Sneaker' print HERE.

Check out pictures of NYC in darkness HERE.

(a gas station in disarray located in NY)