Alan Ganev is no stranger to Station 16. Artist to our site, director to the CEASE collective, and internationally recognized collage artist. He is constantly working, whether through CEASE or personally and has many works in gallery's and museum's both here in Montreal (MBAM) and abroad. Recently he was invited to take part in the third Weird International Collage Exhibition taking place at Galeria Domingo in Lima, Peru (For dates and pictures, scroll down). 

    Ganev's first two silkscreen prints with us were 4-color CMYK prints based on original collage artworks he made previously (our first attempt to create the full spectrum of colours needed for photographic prints). We are now working on a new print with him, which once again brings us to new territory! This time around, we've screen printed a single layer design and Alan Ganev will be adding his collage overtop. Each piece will be unique in its composition and will be available online. No dates confirmed yet, so stay tuned! 

    The next time you visit our shop, you'll notice a 12-foot man missing his pants and standing on one leg! Contribution by Mr. Ganev to promote his newest creation, a little sneak peek of what's to come on this latest print perhaps... Check out the pictures, they're awesome!