We've been working over-time at Station 16, and it seems that things will be no different in the month of December! None the less, we still have some really cool events happening and we hope to see you all there! 

First, although November is almost up, you still have time to purchase one of our 'Movember' themed prints! We're also going to be at the Bell Center on December 5th, giving away 5 of these very prints. ALDO will be putting on a Hockey match for your pleasure and after the game you can put on your skates and skate the Bell Center ice! Tickets are 10.00$, you can contact us for more info and purchasing tickets! email us at: info@station16.ca

Secondly, from December 17th - 22nd ; Station 16, LNDMRK, Yves-Laroche, 123Klan, FAKE boutique and BORO will be coming together to put on the best 'X-MAS Pop-Up Shop' you've ever seen! It's all going down at the LNDMRK Beaumont space. Check our 'events' page for details. Save your money, and stay tuned for the flyer release! 

Lastly... I think that's enough for now. But Keep checking the blog for new PRINTS, INTERVIEWS, SHOWS, CONTESTS and MORE! As well as all the news on what's happening in MIAMI for ArtBasel!