Tonight, LNDMRK launches a new show with EnMasse co-founder Jason Botkin. "ALL KIN" (referring to BotKIN) takes us on a journey of faces, colour and plywood on a whole new level. When your directing a project like En Masse for the last four years, painting & drawing becomes second nature, and that's obvious when you've seen Jason Botkin at work. But "ALL KIN" plays with depth in a much more interesting way; by building layers of plywood and colour until it feels as though you've fallen down the rabbit hole and into Jason Botkin's mind. For the last three weeks, LNDMRK's walls (and floor) have been at mercy of Jason Botkin and his many faces. 

For a limited time, you'll even be able to walk away with one of KIN's many faces. Station 16 joined forces with LNDMRK & KIN and what was created was a silkscreen Edition Variant (every piece is different) on wood. Each of these faces has been cut, printed, hand painted, signed and numbered. Only 50 (priced at 160.00$ CA) where created, but 20 paper prints (priced at 40.00$ CA) where also made for the opening night of the show. Both these editions are very reasonably priced, and only available thru the gallery (show ends March 29th).