MC MARQUIS: When Humour and Art Collide

Amanda Brownridge

If you’ve been paying attention to what we’ve been up to at Station 16 Gallery, you will know that we are HUGE fans of Marie-Claude Marquis. Her work is exquisite and oh-so funny. Is there anything better than an incredible work of art that also makes you laugh? Not to mention… they are great conversation pieces!

MC Marquis is a local graphic designer and visual artist whose artwork embodies a unique blend of nostalgia, pop culture and Québécois identity. Her canvas very often takes the form of ultra-kitschy vintage plates upon which she hand paints intricate calligraphic details. When mounted on the wall, these plates look very much like any decorative plate that you might have found in your grandmother’s home… however, you are in for a pleasant surprise! As you get closer you realize that painted on these plates in beautiful calligraphy are explicit swear words, Québécois slang, and hilarious references to popular culture.

These pieces are available exclusively through Station 16 Gallery. We will be receiving a new batch of plates today and we are so excited! Come by and have a look, or check them out on our website. Don’t wait too long, they go quick! We also take custom orders; feel free to contact us for more information.