Mr. Brainwash


“Mr. Brainwash was invented around the early ’90s. When you watch TV, when you buy clothes, when you come to a bar or a club, when you do anything, how do you get there? Everything’s brainwashing and I used to take any kind of brand and twist it.''


Artist Mr. Brainwash, a pseudonym for Thierry Guetta, was born in Paris, France, and relocated to Los Angeles when he was 15. Mr. Brainwash has been adorning walls and canvases alike for more than a decade now and has become one of street art’s most intriguing personalities.

Mr. Brainwash achieved overnight fame as a result of the Oscar-nominated film Exit Through The Gift Shop. The 2010 Banksy-directed film explores the sudden rise of the street and urban art movement and uses parts of Guetta’s hours of footage acquired after coming the United States when Guetta began filming absolutely everything.
His work can be described as “Pop–Graffiti” art and is encapsulated by the fusion of historic pop imagery and contemporary cultural iconography. Mr. Brainwash works primarily with layers of screen print and stencilled images, skillfully juxtaposing cultural icons such as Einstein, Marilyn Monroe, and Kate Moss, reinventing the style of Andy Warhol.