Rabbit Eye Movement


Nychos was born in 1982 in Bruck an der Mur, in Austria.

He spent his childhood in the Austrian countryside with his father and his grand father, who was a hunter. He was confronted at a very young age with this brutal and cruel environment, and was genuinely traumatised by such an experience, which he later translated in a positive way into art and a profound analysis of his paintings. The cartoon universe comes from the ones he watched during his childhood, including the cartoon “Watership Down”.
In 2005, he founded the “Rabbit Eye Movement”, a street art and communication agency. In 2011, he founded “THE WEIRD” crew composed of: DXTR, HrvB, Cone, Vidam, Look, Frau Isa, Rookie, and The LowBrows. Since 2012, Nychos has continued to get noticed, thanks to the many walls he painted the United States, France, England, Canada, and to the participation of other renowned artists such as Revok, Arys, FlyingFortress …