"Never stop doing what you believe in, never do something unrelated to your goals…persevere and always stay true to yourself cause authenticity never lies."

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Dubbed "The Fire Artist", Montreal artist Spazuk has perfected a technique called fumage. Using the flame of a candle or of a torch as a paintbrush, Spazuk creates his paintings with trails of soot. This in-the-moment creative practice coupled with the fluidity of the soot, creates a torrent of images, shadows and light. Spazuk opens himself to the experience by not censoring or directing the creative process which leads to the creation of unique and profound images.

Spazuk often works piece by piece, collecting a multitude of unique elements that he assembles into mosaics. Entities that, once grouped together, afford a different meaning and provide a new perspective that is both novel and complementary.
He sees fragments of things, events, people, as a powerful metaphor of modern life and, even more so, of the way we perceive things through our senses and our minds. His work expresses how every one of us is a constituent fragment of the human community and his use of fire explores the symbolic fragility of life.