Waxhead's brightly coloured characters are odd yet familiar, submerging the viewer into a vibrant world saturated by the artist's signature playful style.

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Toronto born street artist, Waxhead, has been a major player in Canada’s graffiti and street art culture for almost a decade now. His detailed works are found around each bend in Montreal’s Le Plateau. Inspired in part by his time spent in India and the bold colours of its culture, Waxhead creates brightly complex landscapes and fantastical folklore using gallon paint, spray-paint and oil sticks.

Realizing his name from the outlandish drippy-figures – AKA melting “wax heads”– his distinct craft was first developed from his experiences creating in the alleyways along with other creatives in the Montreal graffiti scene.
His distinct, fantastical creatures have since displayed on a range of surfaces, from wall murals, to sculptures, to vintage photographs. Collecting historic cabinet cards, Waxhead transforms the forgotten faces of the ago, hand-painting his signature zany embellishments to present the perfect blend between old and new; conventional and alien.