Waxhead's brightly coloured three-dimensional characters are odd yet familiar, submerging the viewer into a vibrant world saturated by the artist's signature playful style.


Toronto born street artist, Waxhead, has been involved in Canada's graffiti and street art culture for almost a decade now. He moved to Montreal in 2012 to continue to develop his distinct style in the streets and in his studio. His materials range from plain old bucket paint, spray-paint and oil sticks which enable him to create brightly coloured and detailed works of art on nearly every block of the city.

The artist got his name when he painted a creature with an ominous dripping head - simply put, a wax head. His subject matter ranges from brightly coloured cats with elongated tongues and tails, to creepy creatures which could only be found in a dream. At the advent of photography in the 19th century, cabinet cards, or Cartes-de-Visites, were very popular among the middle classes as they were an affordable way to obtain portraiture in one’s household.
Waxhead gets his hands on as many of these historic cabinet cards as he can and hand-paints them with his signature zany embellishments turning them into the perfect blend between old and new, conventional and strange.