Kickstarter update : Dream in Mexico

Station 16

Our kickstarter project "A Global Street Art Story" is 22 days in, with 8 days left and we are at the 75% funded mark! We are asking for 20,000$ to create a series of silkscreen prints created by street-artists from around the globe. So far the kickstarter journey has introduced us to a number of interesting and supportive individuals and businesses!

Now, with the journey almost over and Christmas around the corner, we are yet again discovering just how awesome people can be. Case in point ; Dream In Mexicoa nonprofit organization that supports undocumented Mexican individuals living in the U.S. and offering them educational and employment opportunities in Mexico. I first found out about Dream in Mexico when I received an email from it's co-founder, an art and graffiti lover. He wanted to let us know how much he enjoyed our kickstarter project proposal, and that he would like to support the project at the largest available pledge (6000$ mural pledge). The station16 artist mural would be for the Dream in Mexico offices, a creative environment that tries to support and encourage the arts as much as possible! The only problem is that being a nonprofit, their funds are limited, and so they have begun their own campaign to raise money for this pledge! 

We were so moved by this act of generosity, that we have agreed that we'd accept their pledge and see the mural through, so long as their amount put us at our end goal! So, we need everyones help to keep pledging and help Dream in Mexico put us over the top! Check them out on Facebook or Twitter, and share their work!