WHATISADAM 'Maple Sizzurp phase2' 

Armory Week is around the corner, and as we prepare to head to the Big Apple with an entire new collection of work, we can't leave without releasing some new products for all you folks who will not be attending Fountain Fair (Booth C-201) in New York City. Launching this Thursday at NOON, we have an assortment of new prints that will also be on display at Fountain. Starting with WHATISADAM's newest Maple Sizzurp print! This Thursday we are releasing the next phase of this print, a slow degradation of his classic image. Along with this release includes Mathieu Connery's first edition with us, his use of abstraction in the street art scene vaguely stirs up nostalgic memories of 8-bit and rarely goes unnoticed. We'll also be releasing three new prints from NYC artists DAIN, ENZO & NIO, & GILF. Keep an eye on our site for these new releases.    

DAIN "Sunglasses"

Mathieu Connery


GILF 'Evolve'