Instagrafite is the biggest collaborative street art gallery in the world, since 2011, with a social media following with approximately 1 million followers on Instagram. Based in Brazil, Instagrafite promotes and creates innovative projects related to street art, through the use of their online platforms.

For updates on their latest and upcoming projects, follow them on Instagram, RUA, a street art course, or Markr, a mobile app that helps locate street art.




Felipe Yung aka FLIP

FLIP is one of the most famous Brazilian street artists São Paulo.

He is one of the first graffiti writers in Brazil to draw characters without letters in the streets and to work with posters and stickers. His art is influenced by Brazilian urban culture, tags and pixação, and Japanese calligraphy (Shodo), print (Ukiyo-e),

and camouflage.



Rimon Guimarães aka Rimon

Rimon is a self-taught artist from Curitiba, Brazil, who has managed to quickly make a name for himself on the international contemporary art scene. His works are a combination of drawing, performing, video art and street art. His artwork references his childhood, indian and african influences.



Acidum Project

Acidum Project was create by an couple, from Fortaleza (CE) - Brazil, Robézio Marqs and Terezadequinta. Experimenting is the key piece to their urban art. They use a mix of

techniques in their characters such as painting, paste up, stencils, and even audio visual



Nando Sperb


Nando Sperb is from Pelotas (RS), Brazil and has experience in advertising and graphic design, and has worked for more than 7 years as an interactive art director.

Amongst his many art styles, graffiti has proven to be his specialty, and incorporating underground urban culture with digital illustration. Inequalities, manifestos and city life are the three key elements in his art.



Arlin Cristiano aka ARLIN

Arlin has been painting since 2000 in Sao Paulo, Brazil. His style has originated from the relationship with his dad, woodworker; and his professional experience as a Web and graphic designer, that allowed for him to work with digital illustration.





Thales Fernando aka POMB

One of the new generation’s Brazilian artists, Thales aka POMB is a graphic designer that became aware of his talents as a street artist in 2002.Originally from Brasilia, Brazil

he has travelled the world, from Buenos Aires, to his current home, Barcelona.