Representing Spain is the ever optimistic PEZ (meaning "fish" in spanish). PEZ started painting in 1999 on the outskirts of Barcelona, now his murals (both legal & illegal) can be seen all over the world, with his largest concentration still in Barcelona. He began writing the letters PEZ (“Fish” in English) just because he found a way to mix the letters while depicting the shape of a fish. He was looking for a signature or graffiti tag and do something a bit different to other graffiti writers.

We reached out to PEZ a year back, and touched base with him again while we were in Miami this year for Art Basel. It didn't take long for him to throw his natural enthusiasm into our global print project to represent his home of Spain. His early introduction of caricature into the Barcelona graffiti scene, makes him an important name in street art movement. 

We're proud to present PEZ's print for our first "Global street art story" release. The print goes on sale on Saturday June 7th at 3pm, here on



Pez has travelled through South America (Caracas, Bogota and Lima), Asia (Hong Kong, Singapore, Shanghai, Tokyo, Seoul, Taipei), America (NY, LA, Portland) and Europe (UK, Spain, Hamburg/Germany, Paris/France, etc.).