DEN!@L (aka DENIAL), is October's "Print of the Month". Although it is lacking in creepiness, to go along with October's festive qualities, this print isn't lacking in quality! This is our most accomplished print yet! Boasting an 8-color image, with an additional 3 layers of spray-paint added by the artists hand! 

The first layer of this print is actually a white layer of spray-paint which was stencilled, to make sure the can 'popped' against the paper's 'natural' off-white colour. DENIAL then added two more layers of spray-paint, a light and dark beige, which really give's the image depth. We then had to match each of the following layers with the stencilled white can, for perfect registration. The end result is something which is very cool, and colourful. It fills the page and the added touches make each one unique! 


We first met 'DEN!@L' in July, during the FIMA art festival. He had some work on display, and we where shocked to learn that each piece was hand-stenciled. The quality of the work was amazing, and you could tell this was no amateur. We invited DENIAL to the shop and started planning on a print with him, and not too long after, 'Safety-First' was born! 

Right before leaving the shop, DENIAL left us with a little something to leave his mark. Next time you visit the Station16 shop in person, make sure to hang around back and see his stencil work, I included a picture below. Make sure to come back OCTOBER 16th at Noon EST to get your copy of 'Safety First' a limited Edition of 16!