The Rumours are true...

Station 16

There have been some rumours floating around about Montreal having it's first international Mural festival... I'm happy to say that those rumours are true! Yesterday, a new page popped up on Facebook simply called 'MURAL', this will be the festivals bi-lingual name which sums up its intentions. 

The details are slim, but will be announced in the up-coming days on their Facebook page (so keep a close eye!). What I can say is that the fest will take place on 'The Main' (St. Laurent Boulevard), and that it will be a week long event showcasing both international and local names in the urban art world. It is a massive project that Station 16 is excited to be involved in, and although we can't name any artists involved yet... they are really great names.

We are both very excited and impatient for this thing to come out, but it'll be here before we know it. Like the FB page for now!