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Progress Shots of Logan Hicks and the Bowery Wall

Logan Hicks' mural at the Bowery Wall is complete and it is stunning! TheDustyRebel was kind enough to let us share their photos with you, enjoy!

Bowery Wall Logan Hicks Murals Stencils | 23/08/2016

Introducing Rose Quartz & Serenity: Pantone's Colors of 2016


Pantone threw a curveball this year, announcing that 2016 will not have one, but two colors of the year. A first in Pantone history, the company revealed that 2016 will be all about Rose Quartz and Serenity (think baby blue and baby pink). While each color leads to immediate associations with a specific gender, the combination of colors aims to challenge conventional gender stereotypes and establish a more fluid approach to color usage and gender identity.

2016 art color of the year colors of the year fashion gender equality graffiti home decor interior design miami mural murals new york city pantone rose quartz serenity station 16 gallery street art venice beach | 15/01/2016